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DJ Cat Vinyl Small Metal Tray Gift Pack Kit includes the following:


1. Cat Vinyl Small Metal Rolling Tray.

Keep clean with this small metal rolling tray with super fun outer space Kitty DJ!   Nicely holds all your flowers on the tray. Perfectly smooth inner corners so nothing gets stuck or lost. Cute AND useful. 5.5 x 7 inch rectangle.


2.  Organic Hemp RAW Rolling Papers.
Can't go wrong with organic!  Natural unrefined organic hemp rolling papers by RAW.  50 sheets, 1.25 inch size.


3.  RAW Joint Tips.
Roll the perfect joint with these easy to use Perforated Wide Tips.  Natural unrefined hemp and cotton tips.  Perforated on one side to make it easy to roll or to create a Z shaped center.  50 tips per pack.


4.  Clipper Lighter

NEW Black Clipper Lighter with RAW company logos.


5.  Orange/Blue Silicone Small Jar. 

Adorably small non-stick silicone jar for holding your flowers, concentrates, shatter, crumble, wax, what have you! 25 mm diameter/20 mm tall.


6.  Two Plastic Joint Tubies.
For the joint that’s on the go!  Tubies keep your joint clean and safe from breakage!  Measures 95 mm.  In Crystal Clear and Royal Purple colors.


Treat Yourself! :)

DJ Cat Vinyl Small Metal Tray Gift Pack Kit

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