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The Star Wars Stoner Gift Pack!  We’ve got you covered with the perfect collection of Star Wars smoking accessories.  Six items come packed in an organza gift bag with iridescent tissue, that's ready for gifting!


Gift Pack includes:


  • Baby Yoda Grogu Silicone Hand Pipe

Isn't Baby Yoda the CUTEST?! Now he's yours as this awesome silicone pipe!

Silicone body and tempered glass bowl. Easy to clean: just remove the glass bowl. It fits snugly right back into the opening and won't ever fall out on it's own. Complete with metal poker and storage container at back.  Measures 5" long.


  • Two Stormtrooper Silicone Hand Pipes

Lightweight and smaller size make these pipes perfect for on the go.  And you get both the Imperial White and Shadow Grey Stormtroopers, if you decide to go to the dark side.  Measures 4.25" long.


  • Yoda Dabbing Tool

Unique dab tool with smoking Yoda! Two sided ends, stainless steel, and with rigid grips for no slips! Measures 5 inches long.


  • Green Blue Silicone Small Jar

Adorably small non-stick silicone jar for holding your concentrates, shatter, crumble, wax, what have you!  Measures 20 mm diameter/18 mm tall.


  • The RAW Black Collection Clipper Lighter

Smooth round shape that is easy to hold, built in packing tool, replaceable flints, and re-fillable containers make Clipper are the absolute best!

Star Wars Stoner Gift Pack

$29.00 Regular Price
$23.20Sale Price
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